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Pray for the Reano missionary family

February 22, 2013

One of the Free Church of Scotland’s missionaries in Latin America has sent an urgent prayer request following gunfire between local gangs, which led to the evacuation of schools and an enforced curfew on the area.

Father-of-three Manuel Reano, who has been in Columbia for over a decade, teaches at the Medellin Seminary and is also involved in professional counselling with his wife Patti.

Mr Reano spoke movingly at last year’s General Assembly in Edinburgh, and also visited a number of Free Church congregations during the summer.


He explained: “Villa Flora and Bello Horizonte are two neighbourhoods that surround the seminary in Medellin.

“For the last couple of days, there have been intense exchanges of gunfire among local gangs, and one of these “combos” has lost some of its men, and has in response declared a sort of martial law in the area.

“Yesterday, all the local schools were evacuated in a hurry, after an anonymous communiqué circulated declaring that they would attack the schools that would not comply, and establishing also a curfew after 8 pm.”


The missionary (pictured above) continued: “We cannot know yet how this will affect the seminary or its students and personnel, but many of them have their children attending one or other of the schools under threat and the sense of fear and even panic is very evident in those I could talk to.

“I have just spoken to the seminary´s acting Principal, and he tells me that although the situation is worrying, up to this point there will be no more action taken other than obeying the night-time curfew as a precaution.

“If things get uglier in the following hours or days, then other measures, such as suspending classes might be considered, but they have not reached that point yet.

“I´m sharing this with an urgent request for earnest prayer on behalf of the seminary´s community and indeed for the people of the affected neighbourhoods, caught between the vicious crossfire.”

Mr Reano is supported by the Free Church’s International Missions Board. If you would like to donate to this work, please click here.

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