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MSP: Kirk “desperately needs” David Robertson

February 19, 2013

A leading politician at the Scottish Parliament has claimed that the Church of Scotland “desperately needs” a public spokesman like Rev David Robertson to make the institution relevant in the 21st century.

Writing for the Think Scotland blog, Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said he believed someone with the qualities of the St Peter’s Free Church minister and Solas CPC director would give Scotland’s national Church a stronger public voice.


Mr Fraser (pictured above) said: “Coming from a conservative evangelical perspective, Robertson is a regular contributor to radio phone-ins and newspaper correspondence columns, with his persuasive, articulate, but uncompromising views.

“The Kirk is in desperate need of a public spokesman in the mould of either of these two gentlemen [David Robertson and Peter Kearney].”

The Conservative MSP continued: “St Paul wrote in Corinthians: ‘if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for battle?’

“The Kirk’s trumpet in recent times has not been so much uncertain as silent altogether.

“It needs a stronger public voice, and it cannot afford to go much longer bumbling along with its current media arrangements, with its voice barely heard.

“If the Kirk had more to say, and was seen to be making more of a stand, it might just encourage back to the pews some of those who have drifted away over the years.”

Through his work with the Solas Centre for Public Christianity, Mr Robertson has become one of Scotland’s leading churchmen and he regularly presents a Christian viewpoint to the national media on a variety of topics such as same-sex marriage and secularism.

A Free Church spokesman commented: “This recognition from such a senior politician is testament to David’s hard work both in his Dundee congregation and also through the ground-breaking Solas Centre for Public Christianity.

“Although David has many good friends in the Church of Scotland and its plight is close to his heart, we are thankful that he has no plans for a career change at this moment in time.” 

You can read the full article by Murdo Fraser by clicking here.

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