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Minister discusses atheist churches on Channel 4

March 05, 2013

One of Scotland’s leading churchmen will appear on Channel 4 tonight (Tuesday 5 March) as he discusses whether Britain needs atheist churches.

Rev David Robertson, minister of St Peter’s Free Church and director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity, is expected to tell 4Thought TV that the term ‘atheist church’ is an oxymoron, because a church is based around Jesus Christ and belief in God. 

It follows news that a group of non-believers began holding Atheistic Assemblies in London earlier this year. The show will be broadcast at 7.55pm.


Mr Robertson is expected to say:  “I really think what is happening here is that they [atheists] are looking at others in the church and saying ‘wow you’ve got something that we wish we had’, and I’m saying to them ‘yeah, you’re taking the shell, but you’re missing out the heart, you’re missing out the body, you’re missing out the meat of the matter.

“So no, I don’t think we need atheist churches.

“We need churches in Britain that are more Christ-centred and are more Bible-believing if you like, but we also do need more places where people of differing viewpoints can get together and honestly discuss.”

Rev David Robertson is a renowned Christian media commentator and debater.

Last year Professor Richard Dawkins declined an invitation to debate with David at the Faclan Book Festival at Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.

You can watch the 4Thought TV piece online by clicking here.

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