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February/March edition of Free out now!

January 28, 2013

In the February/March 2013 issue of Free:


So, are you a Hobbit? What a strange question! Of course, you’re not! You probably don’t live in a hole in the ground, smoke a pipe and have hairy toes! Believe it or not, there’s a lot that Hobbits can teach us about life. CHRIS NICOLSON looks at the things we can learn from our small, furry-footed friends and invited you to take Free’s quiz, to find out just how Hobbit-like you are!

GOING VIRAL (Or What to Do When You Suddenly Find Your Name All Over the Internet)
Your friend posts a photo on Facebook showing a challenge he’s set you and suddenly you find that the post has gone viral. All of a sudden, complete strangers are clamouring to be your friend and are judging your actions. Not every comment is accurate; not every comment is pleasant; and some are just plain weird. So what do you do? How do you react? CHRIS STONE tells Free what he did − because that’s exactly what happened to him.

‘It’s not you …’ You might have heard that expression in films or on TV, you might have heard people using it in real life, you might have had it used on you, or you may even have used it yourself. DAVID ‘FERG’ FERGUSON asks how many of you have heard that line before ...

‘Please, God, send us a hot water bottle.’ DR HELEN ROSEVEARE heard the ten-year-old girl’s prayer and tried to hide her dismay. For who would ever think of sending a hot water bottle to the Equator …? Read what happened next, and then find out why Bible verses Helen had memorised were to give her hope during the most terrifying experience in her life …

SING! SING! SING! Songs from the Past That Last
How would you feel if someone knew absolutely everything about you? Embarrassed? Ashamed? Seriously worried?! IAIN MACASKILL reminds us that God knows all there is to know about us − but rather than freak us out, knowing that He sees all and still cares for us, should be one of the best feelings in the world!

Have you ever seen the general knowledge board game called ‘Where is Moldova?’? Apparently it’s ‘fun for all the family’. But why does it have this name, and what does it have to do with two lads from Lewis? STEPHEN CAMPBELL will tell you …

Read SPAGHETTI BLOG by the totes amazeballs, ML STONE, catch up with COLIN ROSS as he goes Coolly Rambling for the very last time, and find out why the campers at Kincraig 1 & 2 barely had time to draw breath … There’s all that − and more − in the latest issue of Free.

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