Free Church College

Rigorous and reverent Christian scholarship

Founded in 1843 and now occupying a prominent position near Edinburgh Castle, the mission of the Free Church College is to provide:

  • Reverent and rigorous biblical and theological education for ministers, missionaries, evangelists, teachers and other Christian workers
  • Postgraduate courses and research facilities, particularly in Scottish Theology and Presbyterian Studies
  • Individual Study Programmes for those who would like to spend a year or so on courses of their own choice
  • Part-time non-vocational courses for those interested in biblical studies, theology and Christian witness
  • A theological vision which respects the ancient creeds and the great Protestant confessions, but also seeks to listen as God causes more light to break forth from his word

While we are proud of both our Scottish heritage and our sincere allegiance to Reformed theology, we warmly welcome students from all church backgrounds, regardless of nationality, race, gender or theological outlook. 

We also seek to ensure that the physical and social environment allows disabled people to enjoy all our facilities and amenities, and to participate fully in Collegiate life.

For fuller information on staff, courses, fees and contact details, go to:

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